VOXL Software Functional Overview

VOXL is a robotics development platform with hundreds of different features. The goal of this functional overview is to describe the most popular features by function, and provide links to the appropriate resources.

Function Matrix

Function Description Binary Source Code Usage Instructions
Flight Control - PX4 PX4 Open Source Flight controller   Firmware Guide Flying with VOXL
Flight Control - Snapdragon Navigator 1.4.1 (snav-modalai_1.4.1_8x96.ipk) Developer Website Source N/A Snapdragon Navigator Usage
ROS ROS setup instruction and hardware access nodes   voxl-nodes Setup ROS on VOXL
VOXL Nodes Guide
Camera Calibration for Computer Vision A ROS environment to calibrate stereo and fisheye cameras   Gitlab Guide
Autonomous Flight PX4 Avoidance and GPS-denied Navigation   VOXL Vision PX4 Guide
Stream Video - UVC Camera       Guide
Stream Video - USB Camera (like DSLR)     Source Guide
Stream Video - MIPI Camera     voxl-streamer
hellocamera Example
hellovideo Example
libCamera API
voxl-streamer Guide
Usage Guide
Video Encoding - MIPI Camera     hellovideo Example voxl-streamer Guide
Connect to LTE   voxl-modem voxl-modem LTE Instructions
Connect to Microhard   voxl-modem voxl-modem Microhard Instructions
Connect to Wi-Fi   voxl-wifi Source Wi-Fi Instructions

Developer Tool Matrix

Function Description Binary Source Code Usage Instructions  
Programming for CPU VOXL Emulator for development and cross-compile Dockers   Hello World Instructions  
Programming for GPU Use on-board GPU for hardware acceleration of algorithms   OpenCL Example    
Programming for sDSP Sensors DSP Current: Hexagon SDK v3.0
Planned: v3.4.2
Programming for aDSP Apps DSP Current: Hexagon SDK v3.1
Planned: v3.4.2
Programming using Python Scripts to compile and package Python 3.6.9 for the VOXL platform   Gitlab    
Programming Computer Vision - Deep Learning (AI) Example using OpenCV and ARM-CL to perform deep learning tasks on live video feed   hellovideo example    
Programming Computer Vision - ARM Compute Lib opencv-3-4-6   VOXL ARMCL
AlexNet Example
Programming Computer Vision - OpenCV opencv-3-4-6        
Programming Computer Vision - Qualcomm MV SDK          
Linux Kernel