Flight Core Firmware (Work in Progress)

PX4 for Flight Core and VOXL-Flight

It is recommended that you use the ModalAI v1.10 build.

Update Procedure

The firmware upate procedure can be found here

Change Log

This build provides the following features not present in the standard v1.10 release from PX4:

  • Support for Power Module v3
  • Ability to initialize EKF without magnetometer readings when using VIO

This build fixes the following issues present in the standard v1.10 release from PX4:

  • CH8 PWM output overwrites CH5 PWM
  • Hardware detection of Flight Core vs. VOXL-Flight
  • A ROTATION_YAW_180 orientation is required for the typical configuration when paired with VOXL (e.g. cameras in front on vehicle)
  • Stack size issue with bmp388 driver
  • SD Card logging issues

ModalAI Forks


The ModalAI forks used for development are maintained here:

GitLab CI

The two repos above have CI on the ModalAI GitLab servers here:

How to Build the Firwmare

This example uses the PX4 mainline repository.

git clone https://github.com/PX4/Firmware.git
cd Firmware
make modalai_fc-v1

You can use JFlash with a .jlink file with command like so, where deadbeef.bin is the name of the binary file:

loadbin modalai_fc-v1.bin,0x08008000