VOXL is ModalAI’s autonomous computing computing and platform built around the Snapdragon 821. The VOXL architecture combines a single board computer with a depth camera, flight controller and cellular modem to create fully autonomous, connected drones and robots!

Companion Computer: VOXL-DK (Datasheet) is a light-weight, but powerful companion computer for PX4. It is driven by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821, runs Linux, has tons of I/O and pre-certified WiFi. Watch the demo video and buy here!

Obstacle Avoidance: VOXL-DK-MV is designed for quick integration of computer vision based autonomy. It bundles the VOXL-DK and computer vision cameras for depth mapping and visual tracking for GPS-denied navigation. Watch the demo video and buy here!

Cellular Communications: The VOXL-ACC-LTEH-NA is an add-on that plugs in to the VOXL’s board to board connector. It enables LTE capability for the following North American cellular carriers: Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. Watch the demo video and buy here!

Flight Controller: ModalAI has a Pixhawk FMUv5x-derived flight control board coming in October, 2019. This board is designed to operate with VOXL, but can be used independently as well. In the meantime VOXL can be paired with any Pixhawk compatible flight controller running PX4.

The VOXL technology builds on the Qualcomm® Flight Pro™ architecture by adding comprehensive software development support with a build-able Linux kernel, cross-compile SDKs, LTE, time of flight cameras, Docker images for development and more.

ModalAI’s goal is to have a complete, fully-documented, development environment for autonomous aerial vehicles. If you see something missing, please contribute here, or file an issue here



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