A powerful drone development kit that combines the sophisticated autonomous capability of Snapdragon 821 and the flexibility of an STM32F7 MCU. All in a small, light-weight form-factor made in the USA!

  • Support for popular open drone and robotics software packages: PX4, ROS, OpenCV
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 with quad-core CPU, GPU, and 2 programmable DSPs
  • STM32F7 Pixhawk compatible architecture
  • Builds on the Qualcomm® Flight Pro™ architecture by adding comprehensive software development support with build-able Linux kernel, cross-compile SDKs, Docker images for development and more
  • Support for time-stamp synchronized global shutter, time of flight cameras and IMU enable best in class SLAM systems
  • Support for carrier-based LTE, LTE in DOD spectrum and Microhard comms support all coming in 2019
  • Open source documentation

ModalAI’s goal is to have a complete, fully-documented, development environment for autonomous aerial vehicles. If you see something missing, please contribute here, or file an issue here



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