Camera and Video Guides

This section contains instructions on how to use VOXL’s camera, computer vision, and video features.

Supported Cameras

The VOXL architecture (VOXL and VOXL Flight) support the following interfaces for cameras and image sensors

Interface Types of Cameras Information
MIPI (Direct connection to VOXL/VOXL Flight PCB) Image sensors such as IMX377 and OV7251. Depth imagers such as PMD Time of Flight (TOF) Datasheets
USB (UVC) Webcams Instructions
USB (libgphoto2) Hundreds of DSLR Cameras Instructions
HDMI   Coming soon
Flir Thermal Imaging Boson Coming Soon

Stream and Retrieve Video and Images

Method Information
ROS Setup voxl-cam-ros node
Image Streamer Instructions

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