ROS Node for using MIPI cameras on the VOXL platform.

VOXL Cam ROS is included in the VOXL Nodes package is included in the VOXL Software Bundle


To play with the ROS nodes, first follow the quickstart guides to setup ROS on host PC and setup ROS on VOXL.

You must also configure cameras.


VOXL Cam ROS includes the following six launch files:

  • hires.launch
  • hires_color.launch
  • stereo.launch
  • stereo_merged.launch
  • tracking.launch
  • tracking_slave.launch

Each launch file has the following variables settable as command line arguments to roslaunch. Obviously, the defaults for each file are different and appropriate to each camera type.

<!-- cmd line arguments to launch file -->
<arg name="cam_name" default="tracking"/> <!-- sets the topic namespace -->
<arg name="cam_id" default="$(env TRACKING_CAM_ID)"/> <!-- configure with voxl-configure-cameras -->
<arg name="skip_n_frames" default="0"/>
<arg name="frame_rate" default="15" />
<arg name="width" default="640"/>
<arg name="height" default="480"/>
<arg name="frame_id" default="tracking_frame"/> <!-- transform frame used by TF2 -->
<arg name="do_rectification" default="false"/>