Install Software Bundles

Table of contents

  1. Prerequisites
  2. Overview
  3. Installing Factory and Software Bundles
  4. Checking Versions
  5. Next Steps


These instructions assume the user has set up ADB.


VOXL’s software stack is broken up into 3 parts, each with their own version and ability to upgrade independently or all together.

  • VOXL System Image: This includes the root file system and bootloader partitions. It is only necessary to update the system image to add new hardware driver support.
  • VOXL Factory Bundle: This contains proprietary and 3rd party software packages (updated infrequently).
  • VOXL Software Bundle: This contains precompiled packages of ModalAI-developed open-source software (updated regularly).

All three are available at

All 3 packages are loaded on VOXL boards at the factory but can be updated by the user at any time using the instructions below. The VOXL System Image will wipe the entire file system, both bundles, and any files you have on VOXL. The Factory and Software Bundles can be updated at any time.

Installing Factory and Software Bundles

The VOXL Factory Bundle and VOXL Software Bundle are installed with the same procedure, each has their own script that is run from a host PC. It’s necessary for the Factory Bundle to be installed first!

  1. Download latest bundles from

  2. Unpack the bundles:

     me@mylaptop:~$ tar -xvf voxl-factory-bundle_0.0.3.tar.gz
     me@mylaptop:~$ tar -xvf voxl-software-bundle_0.0.3.tar.gz
  3. Ensure the VOXL is powered from the DC power supply and connect the VOXL to the host PC via USB.

  4. Run the two installation scripts.

     me@mylaptop:~$ cd voxl-factory-bundle_0.0.3
     me@mylaptop:~/voxl-factory-bundle_0.0.2$ ./ --adb
     me@mylaptop:~$ cd ../voxl-software-bundle_0.0.3
     me@mylaptop:~/voxl-software-bundle_0.0.2$ ./ --adb

After this process, all the ipks will remain available on VOXL in /home/root/ipk/ for ease of access if you want to reinstall a package or keep track of what is installed.

Note you can also install the bundles locally in the voxl-emulator docker image by using the –local argument instead of –adb. voxl-emulator v1.1 includes factory and software bundles v0.0.3 out of the box.

Checking Versions

Our software is bundled together so that package versions known to work together remain together. You can check the version of either the Factory or Software Bundle by looking at their version files in /etc/modalai/

me@mylaptop:~$ adb shell cat /etc/modalai/voxl-factory-bundle-version.txt
me@mylaptop:~$ adb shell cat /etc/modalai/voxl-software-bundle-version.txt

OR use the voxl-version utility

me@mylaptop:~$ adb shell voxl-version
system-image:    ModalAI 1.5.0 BUILDER: travis_modalai_com BUILD_TIME: 2019-07-14_14:31
kernel:          #1 SMP PREEMPT Wed Jul 10 17:58:49 UTC 2019 3.18.71-perf
factory-bundle:  0.0.1
sw-bundle:       0.0.1
architecture:    aarch64
processor:       apq8096
os:              GNU/Linux
Package: voxl-utils
Version: 0.4.2
Status: install user installed
Architecture: aarch64
Installed-Time: 1573164453

Next Steps

Next, we can set up WiFi.