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VOXL Flight Configuration

Table of contents

  1. QGroundControl
  2. PX4 Parameter Files
  3. PX4 System Defaults
    1. MAVLink Instance 0
    2. MAVLink Instance 1
    3. Safety Switch Disabled


Configuration of the VOXL Flight is fully supported by QGroundControl 4.0.

PX4 Parameter Files

Parameter files are available for reference:

PX4 System Defaults

The following describe the system defaults, as specified by boards/modalai/fc-v1/init/rc.board_defaults

  • configured by default as TELEM1 (exposed atJ1010) at 57600 baud in Normal mode
  • this is configurable by the user
  • hard coded to TELEM2 as it’s routed in the PCB, defaulted at 921600 baud in Normal mode
  • this is the primary serial interface to communicate with VOXL
  • the baud rate and mode are configurable by the user, but recommended to use the defaults

Safety Switch Disabled

The saftety switch can be ‘pressed’ by pulling J1011 pin 5 up to 3.3V (which is provided by J13 pin 1). By default, we have the safety switch disabled, but it can be enabled via QGroundControl by setting CBRK_IO_SAFETY to 0.

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