How to Control Fan on VOXL

Table of contents

  1. Connect the Fan
  2. Control the Fan

Connect the Fan

Connect the cooling fan rated for 5V to J6 (see VOXL Connectors)

Control the Fan

# Spin the fan using 25kHz PWM, 50% duty cycle
echo 0 >     ${PWM_DEVICE}/export
echo 40000 > ${PWM_DEVICE}/pwm0/period
echo 20000 > ${PWM_DEVICE}/pwm0/duty_cycle
echo 1 >     ${PWM_DEVICE}/pwm0/enable


  • The fan turns on at full power when the board is turned on
  • The period and duty_cycle numbers are in microseconds
  • PWM Switching Frequency (kHz) = 1000000 / period
  • PWM duty_cycle should be in the range of [0..period]
  • Only several discrete frequencies are possible : 12.5khz, 15.00khz 18.75khz, 25khz, 30.00khz, 37.5khz, 50khz
  • The requested period gets rounded off or truncated to pick one of these frequencies