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VOXL 2 Flight Deck Hardware Overview

This guide walks you through the main connections of the VOXL 2 Flight Deck in effort to assist you getting it setup for a vehicle.

For technical details, see the datasheet.

Table of contents

  1. Hardware Overview:
    1. Image Sensors
    2. Connectors
  2. Buttons
    1. SW1 - Force Fastboot Button
    2. SW2 - EDL Switch
    3. VOXL 2 Overview

Hardware Overview:

Image Sensors

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Camera IDsDescription
0-1ov7251, synchronized stereo pair, 640x480 85.6º diagonal, 30 FPS
2ov7251, 640x480 166º diagonal, 30 FPS
3imx214, 4k, 30 FPS
4-5ov7251, synchronized stereo pair, 640x480 85.6º diagonal, 30 FPS


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ConnectorDescriptionMPN (Board Side)Mating MPN (Board/Cable Side)TypeSignal Feature Summary
J3Legacy B2BQSH-030-01-L-D-K-TRQTH-030-01-L-D-A-K-TRB2B Receptacle, 60-pin5V/3.8V/3.3V/1.8V power for plug-in boards, JTAG and Debug Signals, QUP expansion, GPIOs, USB3.1 Gen 2 (USB1)
J4Prime Power In220570450050375043Cable Connector, 4-pin R/A+5V main DC power in + GND, I2C@5V for power monitors
J5High Speed B2BADF6-30-03.5-L-4-2-A-TRADM6-30-01.5-L-4-2-A-TRB2B Socket, 120-pinMore 3.8V/3.3V/1.8V power for plug-in boards, 5V power in for “SOM Mode”, QUP expansion, GPIOS (including I2S), SDCC (SD Card V3.0), UFS1 (secondary UFS Flash), 2L PCIe Gen 3, AMUX and SPMI PMIC signals
J9USB-C (ADB)UJ31-CH-3-SMT-TRUSB Type-CCable Receptacle, 24-pin R/AADB USB-C with re-driver and display port alternate mode (USB0)
J10SPI ExpansionSM08B-GHS-TB(LF)(SN)GHR-08V-SCable Header, 8-pin R/ASPI@3.3V with 2 CS_N pins, 32kHz CLK_OUT@3.3V
J12FanSM02B-SRSS-TB(LF)(SN)SHR-02V-SCable Header, 2-pin R/A5V DC for FAN + PWM Controlled FAN-Return (GND)
J18ESCSM04B-GHS-TB(LF)(SN)GHR-04V-SCable Header, 4-pin R/AESC UART@3.3V, 3.3V reference voltage
J19GNSS/MAG/RC/I2CSM12B-GHS-TB(LF)(SN)GHR-12V-SCable Header, 6-pin R/AGNSS UART@3.3V, Magnetometer I2C@3.3V, 5V, RC UART, Spare I2C


SW1 - Force Fastboot Button

Force Fastboot momentary button.

To force device into fastboot mode:

  • power off device, remove USB cable to completely power down
  • press and hold SW1 button down
  • power on device, attach USB cable
  • release SW1 button
  • from host computer, run fastboot devices and verify the device shows up. If not, restart this procedure

To reboot device to fastboot:

  • device is powered on
  • press and hold SW1 for 30 seconds until the device reboots into fastboot mode

SW2 - EDL Switch

Emergency Download switch, used for factory flashing. Should be left OFF. See user guide for QDL if interested in more information.

VOXL 2 Overview

VOXL 2 Flight Deck is powered by VOXL2. For more information, see Here

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