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  1. Connect m500 to PX4
    1. SSH into VOXL
    2. Edit voxl-mavlink-server.conf
    3. Restart the voxl-mavlink-server Service
  2. Connect m500 to QGroundControl
    1. Confirm Connection with QGroundControl
  3. Connecting LTE Modems

Connect m500 to PX4


The VOXL’s IP address by default is SSH into VOXL using the root user with password oelinux123.

More details available at the VOXL SSH quickstart page.


VOXL needs to know the IP address of your computer running qGroundControl. This is set in the ‘qgc_ip’ field of the /etc/modalai/voxl-mavlink-server.conf file on VOXL. This will inform the voxl-mavlink-server systemd service to send MAVLink data to our computer.

Run the following command and update the qgc_ip field to match your computer’s IP.

yocto:/home/root# vi /etc/modalai/voxl-mavlink-server.conf


Hit i to enter edit mode, use arrow keys to navigate to the qgc_ip field and edit there. To save, hit esc then :wq to write and quit.


If you put VOXL on your own WiFi or LTE network you will have to do the same procedure.

For more information on this config file and the options available see the voxl-vision-hub manual.

To reset the voxl-mavlink-server service and reload the configuration, run the following command:

yocto:/home/root# systemctl restart voxl-mavlink-server

Note this will also reset the Visual Inertial Odometry (VIO) algorithm and reset VIO’s origin to wherever the drone is when you reset the service.

Connect m500 to QGroundControl

Confirm Connection with QGroundControl

After the previous step is completed, the vehicle should automatically connect to QGroundControl


Connecting LTE Modems

For more information on setting up Microhard or LTE modems on your m500, follow the instructions Here

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