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VOXL SDK Release Notes

voxl-suite is the meta package providing all VOXL SDK software packages that are installed on VOXL. voxl-suite is bundled up with a matching system image and an installer to create an SDK Release.

A VOXL SDK Release its version number from the included voxl-suite meta package.

It is highly recommended to stick to using SDK Releases as-is since they are tested as a whole with System Image and voxl-suite together. If you are an experienced developer and know what you are doing then you can follow the instructions on the voxl-configure-pkg-manager page to configure VOXL to pull packages from development repositories, but we will not support software issues that arise from this.

Patch version bumps, e.g. V1.0.0 to V1.0.1 do not require a system image upgrade and can be upgrading in place with apt update && apt upgrade. However, minor version bumps, e.g. V1.0.0 to V1.1.0 will require a complete system flash.

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