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VOXL 2 Developer Test Board

The VOXL 2 Developer Test Board (M0144) is the first of-its-kind plug-in expansion board that allows Hardware and Software developers of the VOXL 2 ecosystem to access and utilize all GPIO/QUP signals (and others) from J3 and J5. Benefits of this board include:

  • No need to design your own custom breakout hardware for software and proof-of-concept efforts
  • Significant Software and Hardware de-risking by validating your code on-target with actual hardware before integrating your custom hardware
  • Allows for “what-if” code and hardware development and testing
  • Promotes sandbox testing and validating of your VOXL 2 should you suspect any Hardware issues after a drone crash or other anomalous behavior
  • Several “fun” features included such as:
    • PCA9685 16-Channel I2C to PWM driver direct on board for PWM/LED development
    • RGB LED plus discrete Orange, Green, and Blue LEDs for various/flexible indication or GPIO validation
    • Quickly access ANY GPIO from J3 or J5 on large header pins (GND posts throughout the design)
    • Remap any QUP port from J3 or J5 into an SPI, I2C, or UART function with direct on-board buffers/drivers mapped to standard JST Dronecode format cable connectors
  • USB3 host port in the 10-pin ModalAI format with a high-current jumper option for powering devices requiring more than 1A of VBUS
  • uSD Card Socket direct on-board
  • Dedicated Linux Kernel Debug UART Port
  • Jumpers and jumper wires included as part of a kit (see ordering info) to get you started immediately

* ModalAI Provided Schematics to get you started with your own design!!* We are not able to provide schematics for VOXL 2, and we understand this creates challenges for designers. This plug-in board is a great way to accelerate your own design and enhance your understanding of what hardware is proven to work, giving you a huge advantage for your design cycle times. Please refer to the datasheets page for a schematic download link:


The following reference links are pre-requisite material for ensuring success with this design (these pages are written under the premise the following pages are understood):

  • VOXL 2 Overall User Guide:
    • Special emphasis on this page for SW usage:
  • Expansion Hardware Design Guide: