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Qualcomm Flight RB5 WiFi

Table of contents

  1. Connecting to a WiFi Network

Connecting to a WiFi Network

In order to connect your Qualcomm Flight RB5 to a WiFi network, you need to specify your network’s SSID and PASSWORD in the configuration file by doing the following:

adb shell

vi /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf

You will see a file similar to the following:

# Only WPA-PSK is used. Any valid cipher combination is accepted.

#        ssid="example open network"
#        key_mgmt=NONE
	ssid="Your SSID here"
	pairwise=TKIP CCMP
	group=TKIP CCMP
	psk="Your PASSWORD here"
#	ssid="example wep network"
#	key_mgmt=NONE
#	wep_key0="abcde"
#	wep_key1=0102030405
#	wep_tx_keyidx=0

Modify the ssid and psk fields to correspond with your WiFi network’s details.

Save and exit out of vi with :wq! and reboot your Qualcomm Flight RB5 for your changes to take effect.

If you enter a valid ssid and psk and are within range of your WiFi router, the next time you boot your device it will automatically connect to your network.