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Sentinel Factory Reset Guide

Table of contents

  1. System Image Flash
    1. Download Location
    2. USB Cables
    3. Backup Files
    4. Flash Procedure
    5. Missing ADB?
  2. Software Configuration
    1. Factory Reset MPA
  3. Full-wipe calibration
    1. Sensor Calibration
    2. Camera Calibration
  4. Pre-flight setup
    1. Connect Network
    2. Connect to QGC
  5. First Flight

System Image Flash

If you are having problems with your system, please ask questions on the forum before reflashing the system image.

Download Location

You can download the system image from our protected downloads page. Although this is usually not necessary since the system image is bundled in our Platform Releases (SDK).

USB Cables

It is recommended to use a USBC to USBA cable.
We have seen issues with USBC to USBC cables on some host machines.

Backup Files

WARNING: Backup any special calibration files not saved in /data/modalai

  • Please backup the following manually prior to updating
❯ adb pull /etc/modalai .
❯ adb pull /data/misc .

Flash Procedure

It is recommended to install the entire SDK release at once (System Image + voxl-suite) as to avoid version mismatches.

Download the latest VOXL2 SDK release from here

  • Unzip the download, in this example we’ll assume the download name was voxl2_SDK_M.m.b.tar.gz where M.m.b is the version.
tar -xzvf voxl2_SDK_M.m.b.tar.gz
  • Get ready to run the script by going into the directory you just unzipped
cd voxl2_SDK_M.m.b
  • Now, attach the VOXL 2 via USBC and ensure the unit is powered on
  • Make sure that adb see’s your by running adb devices from the host computer
❯ adb devices
List of devices attached
f8bb8d44	device

If no devices show up: see ‘Force VOXL 2 into fastboot’ in VOXL2 System Image

  • Check that the fastboot command works by running fastboot devices
❯ fastboot devices

If command fails see Missing ADB? below

  • Run the following:

Missing ADB?

Install the Android Debug Bridge (ADB):

me@mylaptop:~$ sudo apt install android-tools-adb android-tools-fastboot

Once the flash has started, you will be prompted to answer a couple questions. It is recommended to preserve userdata partitions as opposed to conducting a full wipe in which you would have to recalibrate the cameras and sensors.

Would you like to preserve userdata partitions or conduct a full wipe?
1) Preserve(recommended)
2) Wipe
3) Cancel and Exit
#? 1
[INFO] Found all required files

If full wipe is conducted view Full-wipe calibration below.

Software Configuration

Factory Reset MPA

VOXL Boards that were shipped as part of a kit (M500, Seeker, VOXL CAM, etc) were configured at the factory with kit-specific MPA configuration starting around June 2021 with the introduction of MPA. In these cases, the kit part number is saved to /data/modalai/factory_mode.txt and can be used to put your VOXL MPA services back to their kit-specific factory defaults by running:

voxl-configure-mpa --factory-reset

Note this file will be wiped along with factory calibration files if you elect to wipe your /data/ partition while flashing a system image (which is not a recommended procedure).

Full-wipe calibration

If you conduct a full wipe, all data partitions will be erased, and you will have to calibrate all sensors and cameras and re-configure all softwares.

Sensor Calibration

Sentinel flight sensors are delivered pre-calibrated from the factory. If conducting, full wipe, you will need to re-calibrate by following the px4 sensor calibration procedure.

Camera Calibration

To calibrate cameras, follow the camera calibration guide.

Pre-flight setup

Connect Network

The following video shows how to connect using a development kit:

Then follow the pre-flight setup guide to connect to RC Radio Setup and calibrate radio.

Connect to QGC

Ensure QGC IP address is the correct one.

cat /etc/modalai/voxl-mavlink-server.conf | grep qgc_ip

The IP address in the qgc_ip field should match the one of your computer. If it doesn’t match, you can use vi to modify the file and enter the correct IP address

vi /etc/modalai/voxl-mavlink-server.conf

First Flight

Follow First Flight guide here