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Starling Hardware Overview

This section contains an overview of the hardware components of the Starling Development Drone.

Table of Contents

  1. Hardware Overview Video
  2. Development Kit Contents
  3. Components

For technical details, see the datasheet page.

WARNING: Unmanned Aerial Systems (drones) are sophisticated, and can be dangerous. Please use caution when using this or any other drone. Do not fly in close proximity to people and wear proper eye protection. Obey local laws and regulations.

Hardware Overview Video

Development Kit Contents

Starling is available in a variety of kits depending on what you have and need.

Shown here is the MRB-D0005-4-V2-C6-M22-K3 (not shown is the carrying case).


 Development kit as shown above (includes all below and case)MRB-D0005-4-V2-C6-M22-K3
AStarling Drone, WiFiMRB-D0005-4-V2-C6-M22
BStarling Propellors (4726FM) (QTY4)M10000302
CStarling Propellor Clips (QTY4)M10000581
D2S VTC6 batteries XT30 (QTY2)M10000538
EIFlight Cammando 8 Radio Transmitter, ELRS 915MHzM10000563
FPower Supply, 12V 3A, XT60 with XT30 adapterMPS-00005-1, M10000155



AVOXL 2MDK-M0054-1
BVOXL 4-in-1 ESCMDK-M0117-1
CBarometer Sheild CapM10000533
DToF Image Sensor (PMD)MDK-M0040
ETracking Image Sensor (ov7251)M0014
FHires Image Sensor (IMX214)M0025-2
GAC600 WiFi DongleAWUS036EACS
HGNSS GPS Module & CompassM10-5883
I915MHz ELRS ReceiverBetaFPV Nano RX
JUSB C Connector on VOXL 2(not shown) 
KVOXL Power ModuleMCCA-M0041-5-B-T
L4726FM PropellorM10000302
MMotor 1504 
NXT30 Power Connector 

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