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Misc Software

This information is deprecated.

Please refer to VOXL SDK for our current software bundle.

Core Components and Tools

FeatureDescriptionBinarySource CodeUsage Instructions
Datasheet  VOXL Datasheet
Snapdragon 820 Datasheet
Snapdragon 820 docs
Yocto Compiler gcc-4.8-multilib Build Yocto Image
meta-debian  SourceREADME
cross-compilerA Docker environment to compile for CPU and Hexagon DSP 
EmulatorAn Docker-based ARM emulator for the VOXL/Snapdragon 820 platform for off-target development and compiling for the CPU.Binary Download 
sDSP Compiler Current: Hexagon SDK v3.0
Planned: v3.4.2
Not AvailableExample
aDSP Compiler Current: Hexagon SDK v3.1
Planned: v3.4.2
Not AvailableComing Soon
JTAG CPU: Planned
DSP: Not Available
CPU: Planned
DSP: Not Available
Camera API (USB / UVC)   Guide
Camera API (MIPI) Installed with imageAPIUsage Guide
Configure Wi-Fi Installed with imageDocs SourceWi-Fi Setup
Configure LTE Binary DownloadDocs SourceUsage Guide
On-target DockerRun Docker on target
Ubuntu 14.04 tested, OS compatible with 3.18 kernel, requires modalai-1-6-0 or higher system image
 GitlabUser Guide README
On-target BalenaRun Balena app on target
Ubuntu 14.04 tested, OS compatible with 3.18 kernel, requires modalai-1-6-0 or higher system image

ModalAI Applications

ModalAI Developed Applications can be found here, often in source code. Some examples of the applications found are:

FeatureDescriptionBinarySource CodeUsage InstructionsVOXL Versions Supported
i2c_display    modalai-1-3-0 and higher
ffmpeg/ffserver    modalai-1-3-0 and higher
opencv-3-4-6    modalai-1-3-0 and higher
voxl-cam-managerA fork of snap-cam-manager evolved for the VOXL platform   modalai-1-3-0 and higher
voxl_imu    modalai-1-3-0 and higher
voxl-utils    modalai-1-3-0 and higher
voxl-python-3.6.9Scripts to compile and package Python 3.6.9 for the VOXL platform Gitlab  
voxl-camera-calibrationA ROS environment to calibrate stereo and fisheye cameras Gitlab  

Qualcomm Proprietary Enablers

ContentBinarySource CodeUsage Instructions
Camera ISP (AAA) driver V4L2 exposed as open source to enable new sensors 
Camera Color Tuning ISP for new SensorNot supportedNot supportedNot supported
Adreno GPU Freedreno Planned in Future 
Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Firmware   
VIO Open-source VIO alternates planned 
Depth from Stereo Open-source DFS alternates planned 
Snapdragon Navigator Flight Control PX4 as alternate 

Tested SNAV / MV Combinations

SNAV PackageMV PackageLocationNotes
1.2.591.1.9SNAV, MVWell tested, recommended
1.3.0 (snav-modalai_1.3.0_8x96.ipk)1.2.8Developer WebsiteDefaults to IMU1 for better performance