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VOXL 2 Onboard Sensors

Table of contents

  1. IMUs
  2. Barometers


Note the XYZ axis as drawn respresent the IMU data as reported by the voxl-imu-server MPA service, not the physical orientation of the IMU on the PCB. This aligns with the FRD reference frame when mounted on a drone in the typical orientation such as on the Sentinel reference drone.


Name / DesignatorDescriptionInterfaceMPA Pipe
PX4 IMU / IMU0 / U16TDK ICM42688pSSC_QUP5, SPI, SLPI (sDSP)/run/mpa/imu_px4
Apps Proc IMU / IMU1 / U17TDK ICM42688p/dev/spidev3.0, SPI/run/mpa/imu_apps



Name / DesignatorDescriptionInterface
PX4 Baro 0 / BARO0 / U18BMP388SSC_QUP4, I2C, SLPI (sDSP), Addr: 0x76h
PX4 Baro 0 / BARO1 / U19TDK ICP-10100SSC_QUP4, I2C, SLPI (sDSP), Addr: 0x63h

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