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Qualcomm Flight RB5 PX4

Update 2022-07-20: the Qualcomm Flight RB5 vehicle is now supported by the VOXL SDK! Please see here from more information

VOXL SDK System Services Configuration can be found here

System Bootup Behavior

PX4 starts automatically after the RB5 has connected to a network and an IP is obtained.

By default, we look for an IP address of 192.168 on the wlan0 interface.

This is specified in a systemd service file here:


You’ll notice we speficy an IP and an interface in this file in the ExecStart line. You can adjust as needed:


ExecStart=/usr/bin/rb5-net-check wlan0 192.168


Assuming the network is acquired, PX4 automatically starts.

Checking PX4 Status

systemctl status rb5-px4-start

If it is not running, it can be enabled to run on boot using the following:

systemctl enable rb5-px4-start

It can also be disabled from running at boot using:

systemctl disable rb5-px4-start

More information about the services is located here

PX4 Startup Configuration

The startup configuration is specified here:


The service that starts PX4 up on bootup is here:


Next Step: Connect to Ground Station