VOXL Quickstart

This section contains simple topics geared towards helping you get up and running with your VOXL Core for the first time. They are in a logical order that guides you through tasks a normal developer would typically go through to get started.

Table of contents

  1. Quickstart Video
  2. Guided Setup
  3. Helpful Links
  4. Connectors - Top
  5. Connectors - Bottom


Quickstart Video

Guided Setup

Connectors - Top

VOXL Core Top

Connector Summary
J2 Hires 4k Image Sensor (CSI0)
J3 Stereo Image Sensor (CSI1)
J6 Cooling Fan Connector
J7 BLSP6 (GPIO) and BLSP9 (UART): External GPS/MAG
J13 Expansion B2B
J14 Integrated GNSS Antenna Connection

Connectors - Bottom

VOXL Core Top

Connector Summary  
J1 5V DC IN, I2C to power cable “APM”  
J4 Tracking/Optic Flow Image Sensor (CSI2)  
J8 USB 3.0 OTG  
J9 Micro-SD Slot  
J10 BLSP7 UART and I2C off-board  
J11 BLSP12 UART and I2C off-board (SPEKTRUM)  
J12 BLSP5 UART and GPIO off-board (ESC)  
Wi-Fi External Wi-Fi antenna connections