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How to Access Camera Data

The offical supported method for accessing camera data on VOXL is through MPA and voxl-camera-server. This page covers lower level methods for accessing camera data and should not be used unless you really know what you are doing and are okay breaking voxl-camera-servera nd other MPA services.

Table of contents

  1. Overview
  2. Time of Flight Camera
  3. Video Encoding


There are multiple ways to access camera data on VOXL. The following table enumerates those ways in increasing order of abstraction. This information is applicable to the high-resolution, tracking and stereo sensors.

v4l2TBDLowest level access, currently not documented for VOXL. Kernel Docs
HAL3SourceLowest level currently documented. Supports image quality adjusted images through ISP as well as raw.
QMMFExampleQMMF is Qualcomm Multi-media Framework. Has interesting video recording and streaming features, not well documented publicly.
Example in ROS Code
Supports image quality adjusted images through ISP as well as raw.
Integrate camera processing in a standard ROS format
ROS2Coming soon 

Time of Flight Camera

The ToF camera pipeline is treated slightly differently. The following table contains multiple references for how to utilize ToF on VOXL.


Video Encoding

VOXL supports up to 250Mbps of video encoding through hardware acceleration. Examples of how to use the video encoder can be found at the following resources.

OpenMaxExample Code.Standard embedded video encoding acceleration

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