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VOXL Inspect Pose

This inspect tool can display data from pose_vel_6dof_t type pipes. It is usually used for checking the local pose which is sent to PX4, and the fixed pose which is the result of AprilTag relocalization. Both of these pipes are published by voxl-vision-hub.


yocto:/$ voxl-inspect-pose --help

Tool to print pose data to the screen for inspection.
The --local and --fixed arguments are shortcuts to view the local and fixed
frame poses published by voxl-vision-hub. However, any 6-dof pose pipe can
be inspected.

-f, --fixed             print pose of body with respect to fixed frame
-h, --help              print this help message
-l, --local             print pose of body with respect to lcoal frame
-n, --newline           print newline between each pose

typical usage:
/# voxl-inspect-pose -l
/# voxl-inspect-pose vvpx4_body_wrt_local
/# voxl-inspect-pose -f
/# voxl-inspect-pose vvpx4_body_wrt_fixed

Example Use

yocto:/$ voxl-inspect-pose --local

timestamp(ms)|     Position (m)     | Roll Pitch Yaw (deg) |    Velocity (m/s)    | angular rate (deg/s) |
      791952 |   0.05  -0.03  -0.10 |    1.6   -5.3   -0.1 |   0.00   0.00   0.00 |   0.17  -0.24   0.08 |^


Source code available on Gitlab.