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VOXL 2 - D0005 Architecture (Starling)

Table of contents

  1. VOXL2 - D0005-4-V2-C6-M22
    1. Hardware
      1. Summary
      2. HW Block Diagram

VOXL2 - D0005-4-V2-C6-M22



The D0005-4-V2-C6-M22 configuration is used in the base Starling reference drone model.

  • D0005-4-V2 - Starling Family
  • C6 - Image Sensor Config 6, PMD Time Of Flight, ov7251 tracking sensor, imx214 hires sensor
  • M22 - WiFi modem config
  • ELRS RX by default (900MHz)

HW Block Diagram

Below describes the compute HW block diagram for the D0006-C11-M13-T1 configuration.


Diagram Source