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VOXL Inspect Cam

The utility voxl-inspect-cam is a tool to check image metadata coming from MPA services that are publishing camera data. It requires that VOXL Camera Server is running in the background, which can be checked with VOXL Inspect Services. It can also be used to check non-camera images, such as the overlays coming out of VOXL TFLite Server or VOXL QVIO Server.



Cam: Which image to display data from. Available images can be seen by typing voxl-inspect-cam {TAB} {TAB}. Options that will regularly be available are:

Direct Cameras

  • tracking
  • stereo
  • hires
  • tof_depth

Other Images

  • tof_conf
  • tof_noise
  • tof_ir
  • dfs_disparity
  • qvio_overlay
  • tflite_overlay


-h –helpPrint help messagevoxl-inspect-cam --help
-n –newlinePrint each sample on a new line instead of updating the current output linevoxl-inspect-cam tracking -n
-t –testTest mode, simple pass/fail test after two seconds of waiting for a framevoxl-inspect-cam tracking -t

Example Output

yocto:/$ voxl-inspect-cam tracking

|size(bytes)| height | width  |exposure(ms)| gain | frame id |latency(ms)|Framerate(hz)| format
|   307200  |    480 |    640 |        3.8 |  100 |   71976  |      18.6 |     30.0    | RAW8
received SIGINT Ctrl-C

closing and exiting


Source code available on Gitlab.