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Qualcomm Flight RB5 Reference Drone Datasheet

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Table of contents

  1. Qualcomm Flight RB5 Reference Drone Datasheet
    1. High-Level Specs
      1. Drone Dimensions
        1. 2D Drone Dimension Drawings
      2. Sub-component Dimensions
    2. System Overview
    3. High-level Overview
    4. Low-level Block Diagram
    5. Qualcomm Flight RB5 Labeled
    6. PX4 Tuning Parameters
    7. Motor Configuration
    8. Connectivity for Remote Operation


High-Level Specs

SpecificationQualcomm Flight RB5 Reference Drone
Take-off Weight1235g
Flight Time> 20 minutes
Payload Capacity1kg
MotorsHolybro 2216-880kv Motors
Propellers10 inch / 254mm
FrameHolybro S500 V2 Frame Kit
ESCsModalAI VOXL 4in1 ESC V2
Maximum Speed5m/s per PX4 setting
CPUQualcomm QRB5165
Sensors2 TDK CH-201 ultrasonic rangefinder sensors
TDK ICP-10100 Barometer
GPS/Magnetometer (Holybro)
Image SensorsTracking Sensor - Global Shutter VGA
High-resolution 4k30
Front and Rear Stereo - Global Shutter VGA
6x 4-lane MIPI-CSI2 (Up to 7 cameras)
ConnectionsUSB 3.1 Hub
Additional I/O2 GPIO
I2C, 4 SPI
Communications Options5G Add-On (with Quectel RM502Q-AE)
Remote ControlSpektrum DSMX Receiver (2.4GHz)
Video TransmissionWi-Fi (2.4GHz or 5GHz) or Cellular (multi-band, carrier dependent)
Power ModuleModalAI Power Module v3 - 5V/6A
Battery4S with XT60 Connector (6S with expanded battery standoffs)
ExpansionsModalAI Legacy B2B connector for backwards compatibility with 4G add-on, Microhard add-on, USB debug board.
High speed B2B connector for PCIe2, I2C, SPI, UART, GPIO
TDK Chirp Sensor breakout PCBAs for object avoidance capabilities
Optional Expansion Add-Ons5G modem add-on with USB 3.1 Hub
SD Card add-on
Gigabit Ethernet add-on with USB 3.1 Hub
Open Software PackagesUbuntu 18.04
Linux Kernel 4.19
TensorFlow Lite
ROS 1 / ROS 2
RB5 Flight SDK hosted by ModalAI
Developer ConnectivityQGroundControl
ADB (Android Debug Bridge)

Drone Dimensions

Motor to Motor334mm x 334mm x 133mm
Fully Extended Propellers591mm x 591mm x 187mm

2D Drone Dimension Drawings


Sub-component Dimensions

PCBH x W x DWeightDrawings
QC Flight RB5 Mainboard (M0052)50 x 84 x 10.9mm24.8g2D Drawing
ModalAI 5G Modem Carrier Board (M0067)67.5 x 36 x 10mm12.8g2D Drawing
Quectel RM502Q-AE52× 30 × 2.3mm8.7gMechanical Drawing
Thundercomm RB5 SOM45 x 56 x 9mm17.7gMechanical Drawing

System Overview

High-level Overview

View in fullsize RB5.png

Low-level Block Diagram

View in fullsize RB5.png

Qualcomm Flight RB5 Labeled

View in fullsize Qualcomm-Flight-RB5-Labeled

View in fullsize Qualcomm-Flight-RB5-Labeled

View in fullsize Qualcomm-Flight-RB5-Labeled

View in fullsize Qualcomm-Flight-RB5-Labeled

View in fullsize Qualcomm-Flight-RB5-Labeled

View in fullsize Qualcomm-Flight-RB5-Labeled

PX4 Tuning Parameters

Our engineers have spent a lot of time finely tuning this vehicle, and the parameters are available here

Motor Configuration

The propellers have arrows on them as to which way they should turn. Motor configuration in the image below.


Connectivity for Remote Operation

Connectivity OptionUse CaseDetails
Spektrum R/CManual remote control of the vehicleConfigure
WiFiShort range (~100m) IP connectivity for debug and nearby flightsSetup
5G LTELong Range, BVLOS operationSetup

Table of contents