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Seeker First Flight

Table of contents

  1. Preflight Checks
    1. Attitude Check
    2. First Flight (Manual Mode)


Unmanned Aerial Systems (drones) are sophisticated, and can be dangerous. Please use caution when using this or any other drone. Do not fly in close proximity to people and wear proper eye protection. Obey local laws and regulations.

Make sure the battery is unplugged or the propellors are removed for safety while handling

Preflight Checks

Once your Seeker is in a safe location where you wish to fly, connect the battery while the Seeker is on the ground.

Wait for the connection with QGroundControl to be established.

Attitude Check

Lift the vehicle and move it around, verify that the attitude reported in QGroundControl GUI looks and responds correctly. Try not to cover the tracking camera during this process.


First Flight (Manual Mode)

You should be comfortable flying before proceeding!

Arm the vehicle, now safely fly in manual mode! No instructions here, you should know what you are doing if you’re flying!

Land and disarm.

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