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Qualcomm Flight RB5 Reference Drone SDK Overview

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Table of contents

  1. Qualcomm Flight RB5 Reference Drone SDK Overview
    1. VOXL SDK for RB5 Flight
    2. RB5 Flight SDK Overview
    3. Available Packages
    4. Releases
    5. Image Sensor Support

VOXL SDK for RB5 Flight

Update 2022-07-20: the Qualcomm Flight RB5 vehicle is now supported by the VOXL SDK! It requires RB5 Flight System Image 1.3 or newer.

Information about a Platform Release that includes both an updated system image and the VOXL SDK for is available here

Now, the VOXL2 and RB5 Flight share a similar system image and SDK.

RB5 Flight SDK Overview

NOTE: the recommended software stack is the VOXL SDK.

RB5 SDK Overview

Available Packages

rb5-camera-serverPublishes camera frames and meta data to named pipes
rb5-streamerVideo streaming management
rb5-qvio-serverPublishes VIO data to named pipe
rb5-voa-to-px4Publishes VOA data to PX4
rb5-chirp-serverPublishes depth data from chirp sensors to named pipe
rb5-modemManages 5G modem connection
rb5-utilsVarious Qualcomm Flight RB5 Utilities
rb5-opencv32-bit and 64-bit OpenCV libraries
rb5-mv32-bit support libraries to use Qualcomm MV SDK on 64-bit system


Qualcomm Flight RB5 SDK (1.1.3)- barometer driver bug fixes
- default PX4 parameter fixes
- ability to set custom QGC IP and Port
- rb5-streamer: ability to set bitrate
- rb5-modem: auto-reconnect if cellular connection lost
- rb5-bind: new command line tool for binding Spektrum radio*
Qualcomm Flight RB5 SDK (1.0.5)Initial Release

* rb5-bind (rb5-utils) utility requires M0094 Spektrum Bind Board, included with Qualcomm Flight RB5 as of 2/2/22.

Image Sensor Support

Below captures the image sensor data paths at a high level.

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Table of contents