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Flight Core Bootloader


ReleaseBuild CommitDescriptionLink
1N/AAlpha ReleaseN/A
2GitLab CIQGC FW Update Support (bug fix)downloaded

Bootloader Binary Location

A prebuilt binary of the latest bootloader can be downloaded from here

How to Build the Bootloader

You can build (and customize) the bootloader as needed. Flight Core is supported in the PX4 Bootloader mainline repository.

git clone
cd Bootloader
make modalai_fc_v1_bl

In Field Bootloader Update Procedure

ModalAI Top Tip! You should know what you’re doing before proceeding as this can brick the device.

  • Download the bootloader binary
  • Copy the file to the root of a MicroSD card
  • Power off the Flight Core
  • Insert the MicroSD card into the Flight Core’s MicroSD card slot
  • Power on the Flight Core
  • Connect Flight Core to QGroundControl using the USB cable
    • Note: alternatively you can use the debug serial console
  • If using USB, in QGC, go to the MAVLink Console terminal
  • Verify the modalai_fc_v1_bl.bin is on the MicroSD card by running the following command:
ls /fs/microsd

The following should (roughly) display:

  • To update the bootloader, run the following command:
bl_update /fs/microsd/modalai_fc_v1_bl.bin

The following should display:

INFO  [bl_update] image validated, erasing bootloader...
ERROR [bl_update] erase error at 0x8000100
INFO  [bl_update] flashing...
INFO  [bl_update] verifying...
INFO  [bl_update] bootloader update complete
  • Reboot the device and verify it boots up

You can use JFlash with a .jlink file with command like so:

loadbin modalai_fc_v1_bl.bin,0x08000000