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VOXL 2 HW Versions

M0054-1 and M0054-2

Two variants of VOXL2 M0054 hardware have shipped, which each require:

  • a unique kernel
  • a unique trustzone config

The SDK installer should detect and load the correct version. If not, the user is given a link to this page for help to decide which hardware they have!

Hardware Differences

You can distinguish between M0054-1 and M0054-2 hardware based upon the SIP package text.

HW VersionVOXL SDK RequirementNotes
M0054-1Any“QRB5165M” printed on SIP cover (see below)
M0054-2SDK 1.1.3+“QSM8250” printed on SIP cover (see below)

Software Differences

The voxl-version utility will report the machine and variant.

M0054-1 will show:

hw_platform: M0054
mach.var:    1.0

M0054-2 will show:

hw_platform: M0054
mach.var:    1.2

This is populated by the voxl-platform-mod kernel driver.

MachineVariantDescriptionmodalai,platform-id (machine, variant, pad)
m0054 VOXL21 0 0
m0054var01VOXL2 - no combo mode J6/J81 1 0
m0054var02VOXL2 - 82501 2 0

See /sys/module/voxl_platform_mod/parameters/machine and /sys/module/voxl_platform_mod/parameters/variant

See Release Notes.