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Seeker Datasheet

Table of contents

  1. Overview
  2. High-Level Specs


The VOXL Seeker is a compact development drone. Use cases are for reconnaissance, mapping and photogrammetry, indoor asset inspection, swarming, GPS denied navigation. See below for specifications.

High-Level Specs

Seeker-flowchart Seeker-labeled

SpecicifcationVOXL® Seeker
Take-off Weight~550g
Operating EnvironmentInside - with ModalAI VIO navigation
Outside - with GPS or VIO navigation
IP RatingNone
NDAA CompliantYes
Blue UAS Framework CompliantYes
Country of OriginUSA
Pre-Certified by FCCYes
Operating Voltage5 VDC Input
3.3,5,12VDC rails available
Size270mm motor to motor diagonal
6” Props
Fight Time~27 min
Payload Capacity (Impacts flight time)50 - 100g
Motors(4) Tmotor F2203.5 1500kv Motors
Propellers6” x 4 propellers
Frame270mm Carbon fiber air frame manufactured from 1/8” carbon panels
CPUQualcomm® Snapdragon 821
Sensors1 ICM-42688-P IMUs
2 Barometers (BMP338 and TDK ICP-10100)
GPS (Holybro 2nd GPS)
Magnetometer Connection (Dronecode compliant)
Spare SPI and GPIO port
Image SensorsTracking camera OV7251-A36
Time of Flight Module 68FX053B
Front OV7251-A50 stereo cameras
Additional I/O2 GPIO
4G LTE Sierra Modem WP7607-G_110419 (Europen and Asian Carriers)
4G LTE Sierra Modem WP7610-G_1104125 (North American Carriers)
Remote ControlSpektrum
Power ModulePower Module V3 with XT30 Connectors (M0041-1-B) Rated for 3S-6S
Battery11.1V 3S 3000mAh 10C Li-Ion Battery - XT30
3S SONYVTC6 (recommended) 18650 (triangle orientation packaging)
Landing GearCustom landing gear (front only)
Operating Temperature+5C to +40C
Operating SystemLinux Yocto Jethro with 3.18 Kernel
Open ApplicationsDocker
PX4 Software
ModalAI SoftwareVOXL®-SDK
Ground Station ConnectivityQGroundControl over IP
adb - USB
Wind PerformanceContinuous 20MPH, Gusts over 25MPH
Max Operating CeilingDefault 400ft, PX4 configurable