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VOXL Camera Server

Table of contents

  1. Overview
  2. Configuration
  3. Streaming Options
    1. Stream Over RTSP
    2. Stream to ROS


voxl-camera-server is built around the Modal Pipe Architecture (using libmodal_pipe) to serve up MIPI cameras to multiple clients. On top of this architecture are client applications for ROS, RTSP, Docker, and many more.


Whenever cameras are plugged/unplugged (which should always happen when the board is powered off), make sure to run voxl-configure-cameras

Streaming Options

Stream Over RTSP

The VOXL Streamer application can be used to stream video from voxl-camera-server.

Stream to ROS

The VOXL MPA to ROS node can be used to provide data coming out of camera server to ROS.