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VOXL 2 Mini Switches

Table of contents

  1. Summary
    1. SW1 - Force Fastboot Button
    2. SW2 - EDL Switch


Below describes the VOXL 2 Mini switches.


SW1 - Force Fastboot Button

Force Fastboot momentary button.

To force device into fastboot mode:

  • power off device, remove USB cable to completely power down
  • press and hold SW1 button down
  • power on device, attach USB cable
  • release SW1 button
  • from host computer, run fastboot devices and verify the device shows up. If not, restart this procedure

To reboot device to fastboot:

  • device is powered on
  • press and hold SW1 for 30 seconds until the device reboots into fastboot mode

SW2 - EDL Switch

Emergency Download switch, used for factory flashing. Should be left OFF. See user guide for QDL if interested in more information.