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EULA Downloads

There are files for download that cannot be shared without EULA. As a result you will need to make an account at to reach the downloads page. Our goal is to make as much as possible open and easily available, but there are some restrictions that we have to follow.

System Images, Software Bundles, and Docker images are available for download here:

Public packages built from public code repositories


List of proprietary packages available at

Name File Name Description
VOXL System Image modalai-2-3-0.tar.gz Version 2.3 (or other) of the VOXL System Image Details
VOXL Factory Bundle voxl-factory-bundle_1.0.1.tar.gz Factory Installation Software Details
voxl-emulator docker image voxl-emulator_v1.1.tgz VOXL Emulator for software development Details
64-bit OpenCL Package for Ubuntu modalai-opencl-dev_1.0-1.deb Debian to install on an ARMv8 Ubuntu Docker running on VOXL Code
snav-modalai snav-modalai_1.4.1_8x96.ipk Latest Snapdragon Navigator Release Details
roskinetic-xenial docker image roskinetic-xenial_v1_0.tgz Ubuntu Docker Image to run on VOXL Details
Flight Core CAD Files 3D Model for Flight Core
VOXL PCB STEP File 3D Model for VOXL
VOXL Tray 3D STEP File Reference VOXL-Tray-Reference.STEP 3D Model for Legacy Qualcomm Flight Pro “Tray”

Public Downloads