Power Module v2 Datasheet




  • J2: 5V DC Barrel Jack Input
    • Switchcraft Inc. RAPC712X, 5A contacts
  • TP3 (+) TP1 (-) XT60 LIPO battery input cable via manual solder pads (XT60 can be changed to anything with a cable)
    • LIPO range 2S-5S [2 cell (6.4V min, 7.4V nom, 8.4V max) 5 cell ( 16V min, 18.5V nom, 21V max)]
      • Note: Absolute max voltage of design is limited to 25V due to capacitor ratings. A 27V zener is present which would clamp anything higher than 27V.


  • J1: Molex 4-position 22-05-7045 2.5mm R/A male connector, 3A DC per pin @22 AWG (PCB/wire gauge dependent)
    • Mates with VOXL and VOXL Flight power input connectors via MCBL-00001 or Flight Core via MCBL-00006
      • Pin 1: 5V DC OUT
      • Pin 2: DGND
      • Pin 3: I2C SCL (5V levels)
      • Pin 4: I2C SDA (5V levels)


  • I2C bus @ 5V SCL/SDA on output connector for reading LIPO and 5VDC Voltage and Current metrics with Qty-2 LTC2946
    • LIPO on I2C ADDR 0xD4, Device U1
    • 5V Output on I2C ADDR 0xD6, Device U2

Operating Range/Environmental

  • Selected to match the hardware designs at the time of 0C to 55C
  • Not designed for dust or moisture ingress protection or solar load protection