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VOXL Mini 4-in-1 ESC Datasheet

Hardware Overview

This Mini ESC is targeted for aerial vehicles under 750g. For vehicles up to 1500g, please use the VOXL 4-in-1 ESC.



M0129 VOXL Mini 4-in-1 ESC 3D CAD m0129-dimensions.jpg


Power Input2-4S Lipo (6-18V)
Power Output Regulated3.8V @ 5A
FeaturesOpen-loop control (set desired % power)
 Closed-loop RPM control (set desired RPM), used in PX4 driver
 Regenerative braking
 Smooth sinusoidal spin-up
 Tone generation using motors
 Real-time RPM, temperature, voltage, current feedback via UART
CommunicationsSupported by VOXL 2, VOXL 2 Mini, VOXL Flight, VOXL and Flight Core
 Dual Bi-directional UART up to 2Mbit/s (3.3VDC logic-level)
Connectors4-pin JST GH for UART communication, solder pads for 3.8V output
HardwareMCU : STM32F051K86 @ 48Mhz, 64KB Flash
 Mosfet Driver : MP6531
 Mosfets : CSD17575Q3 (N-channel)
 Current Sensing : 0.5mOhm + INA186 (total current only)
 ESD Protection : Yes (on UART and PWM I/O)
 Temperature Sensing : Yes
 On-board Status LEDs : Yes
 Weight (no wires) : 5.87g
 Motor Connectors: N/A (solder pads)
PX4 IntegrationSupported in PX4 1.12 and higher
 Available here in developer preview
 PX4 Integration User Guide