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VOXL FPV Racing 4-in-1 ESC Datasheet

Hardware Overview

This M0138-1 high-performance ESC uses 100A 40V MOSFETs and board layout optimized for demanding FPV racing applications. The ESC supports 100A burst current per channel and over 300A total burst current (usually limited by battery and connectors). Communicate reliably with low-latency digital UART from your flight controller to the 4-in-1 ESC.

This ESC has a dedicated 5V regulated power output to power VOXL 2 or Flight Core v2 with battery voltage and current monitoring support in PX4. Additionally the ESC can power a video transmitter and has the ability to toggle on and off.




M0138 VOXL Racing 4-in-1 ESC 3D CAD

  • Board dimensions: 45.5mm x 59.0mm
  • Mounting hole pattern: 30.5mm x 30.5mm, M3 (3.05mm)


Power Input2-6S Lipo (6-26V)
VOXL Power Output5V @ 6A
VTX Power Output16.8V @ 500mA (switch on/off). Passthrough if Vbatt < 16.8
AUX Power Output3.3V / 5.0V @ 500mA (switch on/off, voltage selectable in software)
Payload ConnectorBattery Voltage, JST Connector, rated 4A
Performance40V, 100A+ Mosfets
 100A peak current per motor (<1s)
 40A continuous current per motor (with sufficient airflow, application dependent)
 Peak total board current 300A+ (<1s)
Software FeaturesOpen-loop control (set desired % power)
 Closed-loop RPM control (set desired RPM), used in PX4 driver
 Regenerative braking
 Smooth sinusoidal spin-up
 Tone generation using motors
 Real-time RPM, temperature, voltage, current feedback via UART
CommunicationsSupported by VOXL 2, VOXL 2 Mini, VOXL Flight, VOXL and Flight Core
 Bi-directional UART up to 2Mbit/s (3.3VDC logic-level)
Connectors4-pin JST GH for UART communication
 VOXL output: solder pads for 5.0V / 3.8V (depends on board variant)
 Payload connector: JST SM02B-SFHLS-TF(LF)(SN)
 VTX power output: solder pads
 AUX power output: solder pads
HardwareMCU : STM32F051K86 @ 48Mhz, 64KB Flash
 Mosfet Driver : MP6531
 Mosfets: TBD (N-channel)
 Current Sensing : 0.25mOhm + INA186 (total current only). 200A max sensing range
 ESD Protection : Yes (on UART and PWM I/O)
 Temperature Sensing : 4x internal to MCU, 2x external (top and bottom of PCB)
 On-board Status LEDs : Yes
 Weight (no wires) : 17.9g
 Motor Connectors: N/A (solder pads)
PX4 IntegrationSupported in PX4 1.12 and higher
 Available here in developer preview
 PX4 Integration User Guide

Wiring Diagrams

M0138-1 FPV ESC with Flight Core v2