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Flight Core Radios

Table of contents

  1. Summary
  2. Spektrum
    1. Spektrum Tested Receivers
  3. FrSky
    1. FrSky Tested Receivers
    2. FrSky Telemetry Output
  4. Graupner
    1. Graupner Tested Receivers


This section covers different radio options for Flight Core and VOXL Flight, and subsequently, the VOXL m500 reference drone.


Spektrum Tested Receivers

Spektrum receiver connection instructions here

Non-exclusive list:


FrSky receiver connection instructions here

Video tutorial on how to pair an FrSky X8R (Youtube)

FrSky Tested Receivers

Non-exclusive list:

FrSky Telemetry Output

To use FrSky Telemetry output, you use the spare telemetry input (J5 on Flight Core, J1010 on VOXL Flight) and configure the TEL_FRSKY_CONFIG setting.

For example, power the receiver with 5VDC using the spare PPM input (J9 andJ1003 on Flight Core VOXL Flight respectively) pins 1 and 3 (5VDC and GND).

Then, route the telemetry cable to telemetry input (J5 on Flight Core, J1010 on VOXL Flight).

Using QGroundControl, go to Parameters > Telemetry > TEL_FRSKY_CONFIG and set to TELEM1.


Graupner receiver connection instructions here

Graupner Tested Receivers

Non-exclusive list:

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