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Manage RTSP streams with Mavlink

Table of contents

  1. Overview
  2. Prerequisites
  3. Running mavlink-camera-manager


mavlink-camera-manager advertises camera names and RTSP stream URIs using the Mavlink camera protocol for use in QGroundControl. This allows you to use the camera selector drop down menu in the camera controls to choose an RTSP stream by camera name. The camera RTSP streams must already be setup using, for example, voxl-streamer


An autopilot connection must already be established with QGroundControl otherwise it will ignore any cameras attempting to connect.

mavlink-camera-manager is a command line application and can be started on the command line. Use the -h option to view online help:

yocto:/home/root# mavlink-camera-manager -h
Usage: mavlink-camera-manager <options>
-h     print this help message
-d     Enable debug messages
-g     GCS IP address
-r     RTSP URI
-i     camera id (default is 0)
-n     camera name (default is "Camera X" where X is camera id)

The GCS IP address and RTSP URI parameters are required. Some examples:

mavlink-camera-manager -g -r rtsp:// -n hires
mavlink-camera-manager -g -r rtsp:// -i 1 -n stereo
mavlink-camera-manager -g -r rtsp:// -i 2 -n tracking