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VOXL Flight Kits

Table of contents

  1. VOXL Flight Development Kits

VOXL Flight Development Kits


Available for purchase here

Kits available:

  • MDK-M0019-2-00 - VOXL Flight Board Only
  • MDK-M0019-2-01 - VOXL FLight Power Module v3 (M0041-1-B), cables (MCK-M0019) and antennas (MRF-M0019)

  • MRF-M0019-1 - Wi-Fi antennas
  • MCK-M0019-1 - VOXL Flight Cable Kit PWM breakout (M0022), and cables (USB-to-JST MCBL-00010, RC input MCBL-00005)