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Image Sensor Flex Cables and Adapters

Documentation for ModalAI’s range of flex cables and adapters that connect VOXL, RB5 Flight and VOXL 2 to various image sensor modules.

Extending MIPI Image Sensor Cable Lenghts

It is strongly recommended to not connect multiple flex cables back-to-back to increase length beyond what ModalAI has shipped as a valid and supported configuration. The risk here includes:

  • Incorrect connector orientation risk resulting in sensor or Voxl failures (including power to ground shorts)
  • Adding mating cycles to connectors that have limited life span
  • Reducing reliability due to increased interconnect points
  • Increasing the length or creating a configuration beyond the data link limits ModalAI has already proven and supports

If your application needs an extended length for your image sensor, please contact ModalAI and we can explore a custom flex/cable hardware and software solution that will work for you.

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