Update Flight Core Firmware

ModalAI Top Tip: The Flight Core ships with the latest firmware available at the time of the shipment. The following may be unncessary if you’ve checked the firmware version through QGroundControl and it meets your needs. If this is the case, then you can skip to the Upload PX4 Parameters section.

Update Using USB

The Flight Core supports application firmware update using the USB port (J2) and using a PX4 utility from a host computer.

Hardware Requirements

  • Power Supply (ModalAI PNs: MCCA-M0009 and MCBL-00003)
  • USB-to-JST cable (ModalAI PN: MCBL-00006)
  • Host computer with available USB port

Software Requirements

Download Firmware File

Our PX4 firmware in in active development and our daily builds can be found here.

A more stable 1.10 RC is available here.

The latest build will always be available in the latest folder here. When development settles down a stable folder will become available.

The fild you need to download to perform the update is the .px4 file.

You can also build the firmware yourself to add modifications.

Perform Update

  • Connect USB-to-JST cable between host computer and the Flight Core board using the J2 connector
  • Power on the Flight Core board
  • Perform the FW update by running the following command, where the argument is the path to the .px4 file
./Tools/upload.sh ./build/modalai_fc-v1_default/modalai_fc-v1_default.px4

If attemping to use the wrong firmware file, you will get a warning:

WARNING: Firmware not suitable for this board (board_type=41775 board_id=XXX)

Update Using QGroundControl

The Flight Core supports firmware update through QGroundControl soon!

Next Steps

Upload PX4 Parameters