VOXL System Image

This page describes the Yocto System Image that runs on VOXL. In the VOXL Quickstarts, you can find details on how to flash the VOXL system image.

Yocto Jethro Linux kernel 3.18 Source, Build Instructions

Yocto Jethro Linux Userspace: Source to add new userspace packages.

Many new packages can be added using bitbake. We have a bitbake project that enables building new IPK packages for install on target here: Source

Download Location

You can download the system image from our protected downloads page.


VOXL Release Release Notes
modalai-2-5-3 (beta) Adds support for:
*IMX412 image sensors
modalai-2-5-2 Adds support for:
* VOXL HDMI Input Accessory (Auvidea B102)
* Microchip lan75xx Ethernet devices (VOXL Microhard Add-On v2)
modalai-2-3-0 Updated to new PMD libraries for latest Time-of-Flight modules (A65) module
modalai-2-2-0 Added kernel driver support for FTDI Serial IO devices
modalai-2-1-0 Updated to new build architecture (Docker, meta-voxl, meta-voxl-prop)
Adds support for:
* WP760x Sierra modems
* Microchip lan78xx Ethernet devices
* /bin/ar fix
modalai-1-10-0 Removed CONFIG_ANDROID_PARANOID_NETWORK config from kernel to fix ping permissions problem when running docker images
modalai-1-9-0 Adds support for:
* SCTP sockets
* IM214 image sensors
modalai-1-7-0 Increase /data/ parition to 16GB
modalai-1-6-0 Fix for DNS issue, adds virtualization support for Docker
modalai-1-5-0 Uses open source kernel
modalai-1-3-0 Adds support for:
* external cellular modems
* PMD Time of Flight cameras over MIPI
* UVC (webcams)