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VOXL 2 PX4 Quickstart

Table of contents

  1. Overview
    1. Block Diagram
    2. Software Quickstart
  2. How to Setup a MAVLink Connection
    1. IP Conenction
    2. voxl-mavlink-server
    3. voxl-vision-px4
  3. How to Connect External Sensors
    1. VOXL 2 GPS/RC/Bind Sub Assembly
  4. How to Connect ESC
  5. More Information


VOXL 2 ships with PX4 installed. Communications from VOXL 2/PX4 to ground control stations (like QGroundControl) are over IP, not USB, so a network connection is required.

Block Diagram


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Software Quickstart

The following video demonstrates how to setup VOXL 2 to connect to QGC using a Wi-Fi dongle:

IP Conenction

  • PX4 ships on VOXL 2 by default and runs on startup
  • Obtain an IP connection using a modem (see here for details)
  • Locate the IP address where your Ground Control station is located
  • Connect to VOXL 2 using adb or SSH

Enable the voxl-mavlink-server by running the following and selecting the factory options:



Enable voxl-vision-px4 by running the following, selecting the factory options, and using the IP address of your ground control station when prompted:


How to Connect External Sensors

VOXL 2 GPS/RC/Bind Sub Assembly


The VOXL 2 GPS/RC/Bind Sub Assembly (MSA-D0006-1-01) is a pre-built assembly that plugs into VOXL 2 J19 and provides:

  • GNSS/Mag (Holybro 2nd-GPS-Module M8N)
  • Spektrum RC Input and bind functionality


Alternatively, you can make your own:

Pin #Signal NameNotes
1VDC_5V_LOCALGNSS/Mag power *
2GNSS TX 3P3Vslpi_proc, SSC_QUP6
3GNSS RX 3P3Vslpi_proc, SSC_QUP6
4MAG SCL 3P3Vslpi_proc, SSC_QUP0
5MAG SDA 3P3Vslpi_proc, SSC_QUP0
7I2C3 SCL 3P3Vslpi_proc
8I2C3 SDA 3P3Vslpi_proc
9VREG_3P3V_RCRC power *, controllable via GPIO 159
10RC_UART_TX (Output)SSC_QUP7, 3.3V signal levels
11RC_UART_RX (Input)SSC_QUP7, 3.3V signal levels

How to Connect ESC

VOXL2 currently supports the ModalAI UART ESC and connects to J18 using MCBL-00029-1.


More Information

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