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VOXL 2 Mini Platform Release Quickstart

Platform Release Requirement

Platform Release 1.0 or newer is required for VOXL 2 Mini (System Image 1.6+).

Currently, Platform Release 1.0 is in beta. Parts of the SDK, like voxl-px4, are still in beta testing and not fully flight validated. Please check this page for updates.

2023-May-2voxl2-mini_platform_1.0.0-beta2.tar.gzInitial Release, beta state

To see how to install the Platform Release, please see here.

For release notes specific to the System Image (loaded by the Platform Release), see here.

What is a Platform Release? Basically a tar.gz with a System Image and VOXL-SDK inside along with an installation script.


VOXL 2 Mini and VOXL SDK

Below shows an example block diagram supporting the VOXL 2 Mini developement kit.