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VOXL Time of Flight (ToF) Sensor Datasheet


The PMD Time of Flight sensor produces high-fidelity depth mapping indoors up to 6m. On the VOXL platform this sensor is mutually exclusive to the stereo cameras, meaning the stereo cameras need to be replaced with the TOF Add-on.


Requires VOXL System Image 2.3 or greater.


Rate5 - 45FPS in configurable option modes for distance / accuracy / framerate
Exposure Time4.8 ms typ. @ 45 fps / 30 ms typ. @ 5 fps
Resolution224 x 171 (38k) px
FOV (H x V)117° x 117° (near field 100° x 80°)
Range4 - 6m
Depth Resolution<= 1% of distance (0.5 – 4m @ 5fps) <= 2% of distance (0.1 – 1m @ 45fps)
Time SyncNo physical pin, but the frame timestamp is measured with 50ns precision on a single clock. All of the sensors on the VOXL platform are timestamped for computer vision.
Power Consumption<2W
Dimensions24mm x 10.6mm
Eye SafeYes

2D/3D Drawings

Pin Out




Example Code

The best approach to access TOF data on VOXL is to write an MPA client that listens to the voxl-camera-server pipe data. An example of that is here.

Lower-level Examples

HAL3 TOF Point Cloud Publishing to MPA Pipe in voxl-camera-server

libCamera ROS HAL3 TOF Example