VOXL Stereo Sensor Datasheet


Specicifcation Value
Sensor OV7251 Datasheet
Shutter Global, Hardware-Synchronized
Resolution 1280x480 (640x480 * 2)
Framerate up to 60Hz
Data formats YUV only
Lens Size 1/7.5”
Focusing Range 5cm~infinity
Focal Length 1.77mm
F Number 2.5
Fov(DxHxV) 85° x 68° x 56°
TV Distortion < -3.5%
Weight 4g

2D / 3D Drawings

3D model can be found as a component in the VOXL Flight Deck STEP file found here


The following diagram shows the connectors on the MFPC-M0010A stereo flex cable. The M0015 image sensor module connects to these for example.