VOXL Quickstart Requirements

Before you start, you’ll need to gather up the following:


The VOXL Development Kit is available for purchase from here and contains the following:


Component Part Number Description
VOXL Core Board MCCA-M0006 Development board
APM Regulator Board MCCA-M0009 Provides regulated power to the board
Power Cable MCBL-00001 Connects development board to regulator board, also available here
Wi-Fi Antennas (QTY2) MANT-00001 also availabe here

Power Supply

A 5V/6A rated power supply is required:

Component Part Number Description
VOXL Power Supply MPS-00001-1 Recommended: GlobTek, Inc. WR9QA6000LCP-N(R6B) with Q-NA(R) plug, here and here

USB cable and Computer

The following will be required to interact with the VOXL:

  • USB 2.0 A-Male to Micro B Cable
  • Host computer running Linux flavour of your choice

Next Steps

Next, we’ll look at basic hardware setup.