VOXL m500 Snapdragon Reference Drone Functional Description

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Table of contents

  1. High-Level Specs
  2. System Overview
  3. PX4 Tuning Parameters
  4. Connectivity for Remote Operation


High-Level Specs

Specicifcation Value
Weight 1075g with battery
Flight Time >20 minutes
Motors 2216 880KV
Propellers 10” (1045)
Computing Contains VOXL and Flight Core
Image Sensors Stereo, Tracking, 4k High-resolution
Communication WiFi built-in, LTE or Microhard optional
Remote Control Configured for spektrum, compatible with most DIY R/C systems through expansion I/O on Flight Core
Power Module Power Module v2
Battery Up to 5S (not included, recommended)

System Overview

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PX4 Tuning Parameters

Our engineers (namely James!) have spent a lot of time finely tuning this vehicle, and the parameters are available here

Connectivity for Remote Operation

Connectivity Option Use Case Details
Spektrum R/C Manual remote control of the vehicle Configure
WiFi Short range (~100m) IP connectivity for debug and nearby flights Setup
LTE Long Range, BVLOS operation User Manual
Microhard Medium Range (1-3km) IP connectivity for control, telemetry and video