VOXL Flight Deck Platform Functional Description

Table of contents

  1. Overview
  2. High-Level Specs
  3. 2D/3D Drawings


The VOXL Flight Deck Platform is a fully assembled and calibrated flight kit, ready to mount to a vehicle and attach a battery! It consists of the following core components:

To see an example of the VOXL Fight Deck in use, check out the VOXL-m500!

High-Level Specs

Specicifcation VOXL-FLIGHT-DECK-R2-1
Take-off Weight TBD
Computing VOXL Flight
Flight Control PX4 on VOXL Flight
Image Sensors Stereo, Tracking, 4k High-resolution
Communication WiFi built-in, LTE or Microhard optional
Power Module Power Module v2
Battery Up to 5S (not included, recommended)

2D/3D Drawings