System Image

Table of contents

  1. Download
  2. Flashing the Image
    1. Requirements
    2. Procedure
  3. Customizing the Kernel
  4. Building the Root Filesystem
  5. Troubleshooting
    1. Force Device into Fastboot Mode


The VOXL System Image is available for download at

Flashing the Image


  • System requirements as described here
  • VOXL System Image downloaded from link above


  • Unpack the image (where M-m-b describes the version):
$ tar -xvf modalai-M-m-b.tar.gz
$ cd modalai-M-m-b
  • Ensure the VOXL is powered from the DC power supply
  • Connect the VOXL to the host system via USB
  • Ensure the device is visible to ADB using the following command:
$ adb devices
List of devices attached
da2ec579	device
  • Verify that the device shows up
    • Note: if the device fails to connect using ADB, please check the Troubleshooting section below
  • Run the following command to beging the re-imaging process:
$ sudo python
  • After approximately 5 minutes, the version will display:
Modalai M-m-b
BUIDLER: someone_modalai_com

Customizing the Kernel

Building a custom kernel is described here

Building the Root Filesystem

Coming soon…


Force Device into Fastboot Mode

In order to force the device into fastboot mode (i.e. bootloader mode):

  • Detach the power supply, USB cable, and any other peripherals like cameras and modems from the VOXL
  • Attach the VOXL Debug Board to the VOXL’s J13 header connector, as shown in the picture below
  • Ensure the jumper on the VOXL Debug Board is connected to the FSTBT header, as shown in the picture below
  • Attach the USB cable and the power supply to the VOXL

VOXL Debug Board

  • On the host computer, run the following command to verify the device is available over USB in fastboot mode
$ fastboot devices
da2ec579	fastboot
  • If problems continue, please feel free to reach out and contact us

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