Table of contents

  1. ModalAI Packages
  2. Docker Images
  3. System Image
  4. Additional Packages

Note: has additional downloads, such as specific system binaries, that cannot be shared without EULA. Our goal is to make as much as possible open and easily available, but there are some restrictions that we have to follow.

ModalAI Packages

Name Description Version Package Source Code
cellular_tools Installs LTE modem configuration and setup tools 0.0.9 Download TODO
i2c_display I2C Display Example Application 0.0.1 Download TODO
ffmpeg/ffserver Used for UVC RTSP Streaming 3.4.5 Download GitLab
opencv-3-4-6 OpenCV 3.4.6 Examples and IPK 3.4.6 Download GitLab
slpi_uart SLPI UART MAVLink Message Forwarding Example Application 0.1.0 Download GitLab
voxl-armcl ARM Compute Libary examples for VOXL 19.08 Download Gitlab
voxl-cam-manager Provides a CLI for VOXL camera applications 0.1.2 Download Gitlab
voxl-nodes VOXL ROS Node Packages 0.0.3 Download GitLab
voxl_imu IMU Utility Application 0.0.3 Download TODO
voxl-utils Command line utilities package 0.3.2 Download Gitlab
libvoxl-io library for IO functions 0.0.5 Download Gitlab
voxl-vision-px4 Empower PX4 with VOXL’s Machine Vision Capabilities 0.0.4 Download Gitlab

Docker Images

Name Location Notes
VOXL Docker Image Gitlab Follow README file to create

System Image

Name Location Notes
VOXL System Image Account Creation Required

Additional Packages

Name Description Version Package
git-perltools Fixes issue using git submodules 2.5.0-r0 Download
mv Qualcomm Machine Vision Library 1.2.8 Download
avahi-installer Installation tar file for Avahi service 0.0.2 Download
docker-installer Installation tar file for Docker 0.0.2 Download
modalai-vl ModalAI Vision Lib 0.0.1 Download
imu_app Standalone IMU server 0.0.1 Download

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